Andreas Nordenstam has been doing live handmade techno shows for over 25 years, with all events and arrangements improvised on stage using hardware instruments only. No laptop or preprogrammed song structures! Everything is tweaked and arranged in one pass, molding the songs to fit the occasion. Combining a turntablist like hands on approach with a penchant for groovy bubbling melodic techno, delivering a live act of a sort many people don't even know is possible with electronic dance music. The live shows can be further enhanced by mesmerizing 3D fractal graphics.

Started fresh on party fixing when setting up and playing at a local school disco at the ripe age of 11 in '89. The first attempts at mangling 8 bit sounds came soon thereafter. While the music production slowly matured, the interest in visuals bloomed for a while with live graphics and flyers around '93. The audio setup became the primary focus and had by the mid 90's grown into hardware featuring analogue. An interest leading to electronics and home grown synth units. The computer disappeared from the creative setup altogether soon after.

The early years were mostly explorations in textural sounds and slow grooves. Doing music for exhibitions and playing chill out areas. The wee attempts at DJ'ing in the preteenage years finally got up to scratch around the turn of the millennium. Eclectic record spinning ensued, letting out a wilder and wider ranging musical side. Inspiring the personal live acts towards dance floors. The live sets now drives hard while still maintaining the listening friendly aspects from the earlier ambient years. The obviously direct approach to creating the music is equally at home on mixed music festivals as in dark clubs. Have gigged nationwide at underground parties, clubs, festivals and mountains raves.

Released tracks on vinyl on Ploink, Wania, Sex Tags and WTC, digital on Draug, plus various CD compilations. Used to write articles for various media, do tech work, acoustic consultancies and enjoy working on all ranges of music in the mastering studio. Whenever there's some free time between bicycling!

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