ploink - draug - wania

her vil jeg være ep proudly released on PLOINK des 2014
available in all major vinyl and digital outlets like ready made and juno
check out sound snippets here:


acid over danmarksplass track released on bergen ep aug 2014
available on vinyl through ready made
digital purchase in all major outlets (like juno)
  three track natt sol ep released on draug media jul 2014
from fierce techno to dark drumscapes where wolves roam
listen to stream and purchase lossless at bandcamp

WANIA 9109 featuring 100 percent wet track released november 2013
available in fine vinyl stores
fractal music video remade in superb definition
download 1080p 2gb .mp4 (right click or go to file menu to save files)

mengertek fractal video
music recorded in concert 2008
download 1080p 1.3gb .mp4

all sounds are handmade on real machines
everything's tweaked and arranged in one pass, as it's done live on stage

tittignass, a homage to the classic mandelbrot
set to the sounds of a gritty machinedrum jam
download 1080p 1gb .mp4

live at klubb intim
dirty track, dirty audio, dirty first video
download 180mb .mp4

monobulber - first full track continuous fractal evolution
chill monomachine groove
download 480p 780mb .mp4

andreas nordenstam - born 1978 in bergen norway
performed hardware only live acts for more than 25 years
gigged hundreds of clubs, parties, festivals and mountain raves

vinyl releases on ploink, wania, sex tags and wtc
featured various tracks on CD compilations
do mastering, technical consultancies,
record spinning and two wheel riding

biography - norwegian mastering page


web pics

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track downloads:

evigheten (live) .mp3
liten 303 22 januar .mp3

beautiarp .mp3
loveG#2 .mp3 released on vinyl 2001

further sounds at soundcloud

sequenced track made for short movie by anette ottesen
track released on kompressor compilation 2003
download .mp3

all music, videos, pictures etc (c) andreas nordenstam 1993-2014
unless otherwise indicated